Jenny Kallis
Love Poem From a Flower to Bee 1
Motorcycle #1  Velocette
Water Labyrinth 1
Lifeguard Tower 2
Electric Butterfly
Red Chrysanthemum small
Highway 1
Bird Flight 4 Green
Love Poem From a Flower to a Bee Blue
Son of a Bitch January 2017
Venice Palm 2
Bird in Flight 7 Orange
Rolling Tide
Koi #2
​Mockingbird in Flight
Steps to the Ocean – Big
Flower #1 – Dahlia
Aerial Wave
Moon Glow
Love Like Water
Red Chrysanthemum - Staged
Venice Palm Blue
Tangelo Tree - Detail
​Local Crow
Butterfly #3 - Illusion
Blue Chrysanthemum
Yellow Chrysanthemum
Below The Surf
Diver 2
The Magic Trick
Orange Bees
Steps to the Ocean - Staged
Kimono Bees Red 2
Water labyrinth 2
Wave #2 - Big Stripe Wave
Bee On Red Flower
Big Beehive
Bird Flight 3 Blue
Neighborhood Walk
Bee Abrstact
Dark Flower
Wave #1
Forever Knot
​​The Climb
Lifeguard Tower
Serva Modum
​Slack Line Red
Motorcycle #2 - The Angel Bell
High Sierras Pathway
Kimono Bees Red 1
Tree of Life
Kimono Bees
Love Comes Quietly
Music and Art, July 19, 2018
Bird Flight 5 Green Blue
Ape and flower - Sold
Flight of Butterflies - Staged
Ode to Dega
Yellow Chrysanthemum - Detail
Big Yellow Beehive
Looking Up
​Diver Blue
Butterfly #1 – Monarch & Milkweed
Motorcycle #1 - Velocette
Flower Vase
Venice Palm
The Climb - Detail
Motorcycle #4 - Harley Blue & White
Orange Guitar
Venice #1